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    Woman Takes Sledging To The Next Level

    Saskia Spence made the most of the snowy conditions by being towed along by a truck on the frozen lanes of her hometown.
    In Middelton, Scotland, Saskia, 22, sat on her sled as she held onto a makeshift rope which pulled her along during the first snow of the year on November 29th.
    She took full advantage of the winter weather by also enlisting her friend's quad bike in a nearby field which provided more frozen fun towing along more sledders.
    A snowball fight ensued, with one of the throws hitting the rider directly on the head.
    Saskia said: "We’ve been left with no power or electric due to the storm and we decided to make the most of it.
    "The car itself, I don’t think it was going very fast, just 15-20 mph.
    "All of my friends wish they could have joined."
    Date posted: 01/12/21 Credit: ARK Media
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