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    Woman Shows How To Make Carb Free Bread


    A model showcased how she makes carbohydrate free bread using minced chicken and eggs. 

    Crystal Cox has autoimmune and gut issues and can’t eat carbohydrates and bread, so found this unique way to have carb free ‘bread’ at her home in New York. 

    She begins by cooking minced chicken before blending it together with eggs and adding to a bread tin. 

    She then cooks the mixture in the oven and reveals her squidgy no carb ‘bread’. 

    Crystal said: “I wanted to show me making ‘bread’ to inspire people who can’t eat carbs like me due to autoimmune or gut issues. 

    “I’ve had both appreciative responses from gym rats and people with autoimmune or gut issues and disgust from people who don’t understand why low carb diets are helpful.” 


    Date posted: 28/10/22 Credit: @crystalc.fit via ARK Media