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    Woman Shares Awkward Interview Experience From Restaurant Job


    A woman shared her awkward experience at a job interview for a posh restaurant. 

    20-year-old Kat Roth was in her car in Louisville, Kentucky, when she decided to reveal how awkward her recent interview was. 

    She began by stating how underdressed she was compared to the waiting staff and that when she shook the interviewer’s hand, she held his hand weirdly. 

    She then continued to talk about how she blanked on simple interview questions about wine and how when she was meant to leave, she stayed put, thinking he was grabbing something for her. 

    However, when the interviewer came back, he asked if she needed showing out. 

    Kat said: “I ranted about how horrible my interview went but I was laughing at myself out of embarrassment.” 

    “I didn’t end up getting the job.” 

    Date posted: 17/03/23 Credit: @kat.roth0 via ARK Media
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