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    Woman Passing By House Shoots Her Shot and Asks Guy For Phone Number in Romantic Meet-Cute


    This meet-cute is something from a movie as a woman rolled up to a house and shoots her shot by asking the man walking into his house for their number.

    Brooklynn Ramsey pulled the footage from her CCTV camera attached to her Tampa, Florida home that captured the wholesome moment between her brother and this new love interest.

    On January 19, Joey Cooksey, 24, had forgotten his phone in the house but as he was walking back in to retrieve it, a white car began reversing toward the property where a loud 'Hey' was shouted.

    Joey turned around to see a woman trying to grab his attention, before he could say 'What's up', the interested lady asked whether he had a girlfriend or not.

    When Joey honestly answered no, she followed up asking whether he would like her phone number to which he obliged and scampered into the house to get his phone.

    The two exchanged pleasantries and digits, and since the two have been on two successful dates with more planned.

    The meeting between the two has been witnessed by over 6.7 million people on TikTok.

    Brooklynn said: "I was shocked that she threw it into reverse to ask him for his number!

    "I wouldn’t have believed it unless it was on video type of scenario.

    "About a week after getting her number they went on a first date, Joey said it went great and that she wanted to plan out their second. They ended up on a second and are still talking."


    Date posted: 05/04/22 Credit: ARK Media
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