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    Woman Nearly Vacuums Baby Bunnies After Her Pet Unexpectedly Gives Birth


    This woman caught the moment her roommate nearly vacuumed up some baby bunnies after her ‘boy’ bunny unexpectedly gave birth. 

    Summer Bolger, 28, was at home in Cambridge, Ontario, when she decided to go live with her roommate, 36-year-old Tara Keith, whilst they were cleaning her room.

    She had recently gotten a new ‘boy’ bunny as a gift and as they were cleaning, Tara can suddenly be heard screaming about something unknown and fluffy under the bed. 

    Confused, the pair started freaking out before Summer began investigating and was shocked to find baby bunnies under her bed. 

    She found out her ‘boy’ rabbit was in fact a pregnant female and that it had given birth without Summer knowing. 

    Summer posted the video online where it has since amassed over 9.1 million views, with many wanting updates on the bunnies, who are all doing well. 

    Summer said: “I was going live while cleaning and while vacuuming, my roommate and I found baby bunnies under my bed.

    “I was given a bunny as a gift, told it was a boy and found babies a week later.”

    Date posted: 28/02/23 Credit: @__summervictoria via ARK Media
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