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    Woman Makes Incredible Potato Chip Crown!


    I am Brigette Muller, 33, New York, Content creator! This was filmed at my apartment in Astoria, Queens, on National Potato Chip Day this year (March 14)

    I'm a self-proclaimed potato chip queen—I don't think I know anyone who's more obsessed with potato chips LOL, so creating a crown for National Potato Chip day seemed like the perfect way to celebrate. In the video I'm making a crown out of recycled cardboard, hot glue, and a couple handfuls of potato chips.

    I had been planning to make a crown for National Potato Chip Day for over a year, but I always seem to forget, lmao. This year, one of my friends randomly informed me that the day had come, and I IMMEDIATELY ran out to buy chips and create the crown. To be honest, it was kind of a stressful process putting it all together—potato chips aren't super easy to work with because they're super greasy and break easily—but in the end it all worked out!

    Date posted: 23/04/21 Credit: ARK Media
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