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    Woman In Hysterics After One Side Of Her Face Was Completely Numb After Dentist


    Caitlyn Collins left her dentist appointment and noticed quickly that the right side of her face was completely numb, leaving her unable to blink her eye.

    After two unsuccessful dental surgeries in her town of New Jersey, her dentists decided to proceed with a different option which connected to the main nerves of her face.

    But as soon as Caitlyn got into her car in the car park on January 17, she realised the paralysis that had happened and began recording the hilarious disparity between her expression-filled left side of her face, versus her deadpan right side of her face.

    She went on to explain that she could not even close the nerve-numbed eye, her face was split in half in terms of muscle movement.

    Caitlyn said: "After two unsuccessful rounds of attempting to numb my back molar, we decided together to try a different route of numbing through a different nerve.

    "Apparently, that nerve was tied to my right eye which got temporarily paralysed wide open!

    "After the filling was complete I knew I looked absolutely ridiculous so I decided to film my reaction to seeing myself for the first time.

    "I've said before that my bodies instinctual reaction to pain and anxiety is hysterical laughter, so, what you see is a combination of concern that it wasn't going to wear off and actual hysterics. I couldn't take myself seriously!

    "Honestly, I'm happy I was able to record this and bring so much laughter to people."


    Date posted: 24/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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