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    Woman Has Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Extensions


    A woman had an allergic reaction to her eyelash extensions and documented what happened to her eyes during this period. 

    Student Delaney Story, 21, was at home in Southern Utah after getting her eyelashes done and wanted to show off how happy she was with the results. 

    However, after a couple of hours Delaney noticed that her eyes began swelling up and by the next morning had swollen completely. 

    She realised she must have had an allergic reaction to the extensions and wanted to document the progress of the reaction before she eventually went to get them removed. 

    Even after they had been removed, Delaney showed off how bloodshot and puffy her eyes still were in a video which has since gone viral amassing over 3.5 million views. 

    Delaney said: “I got my eyelash extensions filled and within a couple of hours my eyes started swelling up and by the next morning they were swollen shut. 

    “I went and got them removed and then the swelling slowly started going down but my eyes remained super bloodshot and puffy.

    “As I was recording I was just trying to keep track of how bad my eyes were getting and then decided to put a compilation video together.

    “I’ve gotten a lot of reaction from the video with some people giving me advice on things to do in the future, and other comments were funny. 

    “A lot of my family and friends have seen it and we all just laugh about it because it was so random and I was fine after, so now we can all just laugh at it!”



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    Date posted: 09/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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