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    Woman Finds IPhone In Her Pretty Little Thing Package


    As a woman was unpacking her Pretty Little Thing parcel, she noticed something heavy fall out the bag and as she went to pick it up she realised it was an iPhone. 

    20-year-old content creator Carmel Sommerville was at her home in London, when she received a Pretty Little Thing package and wanted to delve into her newly bought items. 

    As she was talking through one of her purchases, Carmel noticed something fall on the floor and when she picked it up, she realised there was an iPhone in the package. 

    She posted the video online and the video amassed over 2.1 million views with many giving her tips on how to find the owner of the phone. 

    Since then, using her followers' suggestions, Carmel luckily managed to find the owner online and has since arranged to meet so she could get the phone back to them. 

    Carmel said: “I received a package from Pretty Little Thing that I ordered and as I was opening the parcel a phone dropped out.

    “I was in total shock and couldn’t believe there was an iPhone in my parcel.” 

    Pretty Little Thing refused to comment as they are currently investigating the incident.


    Date posted: 23/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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