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    Woman Finds Furry Intruder!


    This video was filmed by Tasha Baker, 43 who is a Personal Care Associate in New Haven, CT, US.

    Ms. Baker told Ark Media that because her daughter was selling girl scout cookies there were a few boxes in the house. Tasha's Yorkie kept growling at her but was showing no signs that something was in the house. By the time Tasha was going to start getting her children ready for the day she noticed a statue like figure near her bathroom.

    Tasha decided to get her phone and investigate when she realised that it was a squirrel who had "chewed through the screen and the metal window sill" which is where the video begins and we see the interaction.

    This video was filmed on May 8, 2019.


    Date posted: 08/03/21 Credit: ARK Media
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