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    Woman Explains Story Of Finding A 1.5 Metre Snake In Her Family Bed Of Five


    This woman revealed that she found a 1.5 metre snake in her bed, where her partner and four children were sleeping.

    Briellen Barron from Australia shared her experience on TikTok, of when she realised there was a snake in her bed in the early hours of the morning.

    Briellen co-sleeps with all of her children and her fiancé Nick, so there were five of them in a row, in the bed.

    As it was raining outside, she believed the snake was looking for a warm place to sleep.

    Briellen explained: “I woke up that morning at four AM with this cold feeling down the side of my stomach and down my leg.

    "I laid there awake, then I felt this thing move and I just knew in an instant that I had a snake in my bed.

    “I reached over to my fiancé and I'm like you have to get up, I think there is a snake in our bed.”

    Her fiancé did not believe her but when he turned the light, he spotted that there was a python laying in their bed.

    The children were excited, while Briellen and Nick were not.

    Briellen continued: “It was slithering down the side of my leg in between me and my two year old. Luckily I have taught my children to not be afraid of snakes, but also not to touch them.”

    Nick gently guided the python back out the way that it came in as Briellen took necessary precautions to “douse” her house in peppermint oil as a deterrent.

    Date posted: 06/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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