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    Woman Donates 165 Gallons of Breast Milk to Mothers and Children in Need


    From June 2018 to October 2021, Christina Resch, 31, donated over 165 gallons of her own breast milk. 

    In the video, Christina can be seen filling hundreds of bottles and bags.

    The Virginia native did this daily, every three to four hours, for thirty to forty minutes at a time.

    Christina has two boys, a toddler named Finley, and her newborn, Crew.

    Her youngest, Crew, has cerebral palsy. As a result, Christina could not breast feed him. 

    This is when she began long intervals of pumping for him.

    Christina said: “He was born 14 weeks early via crash C section. 

    Christina knows it is not healthy or normal to pump this much, but because she hyperlactates, she wanted to do it for mother’s that struggled to breastfeed. 

    “On Facebook there are two groups for helping moms find donor milk for free

    “I would post in those groups or read the posts of mothers near me looking for milk.

    “I would reach out that way to help them! 

    “It’s actually not always healthy to have the amount of milk I had.

    “My body hyper-lactates, meaning I’ll make that much milk no matter what I do.

    “While all my levels are normal medical wise,  that much milk causes other issues.

    “Mastitis, an inflammation of breast tissue, is painful and uncomfortable.  

    “I had mastitis 19 times when I was pumping.  Three of those times I was hospitalised for infection.

    “My supply was normal for me, I want that part to be clear, it’s not something to strive for. 

    “The goal is to feed the baby, not the freezer. 

    “I pumped daily, starting in June 2018. Every 3-4 hours for thirty to forty minutes. 

    “In October 2021, I stopped pumping. I had enough frozen milk for Crew to have milk until he was fourteen to fifteen months old!”

    “I’ve fed over 40 babies plus my two.

    “Just the joy of knowing that 'hey I helped that baby grow' made it worth it!”


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