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    Woman Documents a Highland Cow’s C-Section!


    Watch the insane moment that a Highland cow has a C-Section!

    Robyn McGrath, 24, from Ashton, Ontario, Canada, works in Law Enforcement and on her family farm. It was on this family farm that she filmed this incredible video of a Highland Cow's C-Section.

    "Our Highland cow, Sunset Anna, was in labour but her cervix was not dilating. The veterinarians ended up deciding a C-Section was necessary in attempt to save both the calf and cow" said Robyn.

    Novocaine was used to freeze the cow's feeling in her side, and the calf was cut out.

    The cow was then milked and the calf was tube fed to ensure that he got colostrum into him right away.

    Mama and her calf both survived and are thriving!

    The video was filmed on June 24, 2020.




    Date posted: 24/09/20 Credit: ARK Media
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