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    Woman Detained In Grocery Store For “Stealing” Backpack

    Regan, a non-profit executive director for a homeless outreach charity, lives in Denver, Colorado, and filmed this video on June 5, 2021.
    Regan explains that in the video, "two cops from Littleton, CO PD have forcefully stopped me from continuing my shopping as they claim I need to cooperate with an investigation for a "burglary" of a black backpack that just occurred next door at Planet Fitness. I began recording when the one cop prevented me from moving forward with my grocery cart".
    "I have continued to press the Littleton PD with additional public information requests on the internal affairs investigation that cleared both of these cops. Colorado law now allows citizens to pull the investigation file on specific officers and the discipline they received. Command staff indicated in a closure letter to me  that Luke Bishard received additional training and a letter in his personnel file. They lied about that as well as the details in the IA investigation. The chief of police ignored my written request to investigate his command staff" said Regan.
    "I continue to make videos with other interactions of command staff and will be participating in a public process this November when the accreditation agency (CALEA) comes to town to re-certify this agency. I am a fierce advocate for accountability/transparency in LE. Our lives depend on it" said Regan.
    Date posted: 08/10/21 Credit: ARK Media
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