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    Woman Confronts The People Who Stole Her Dog In Insane Altercation!


    Summer Mossbarger, 34, is a veteran living in Brenham, Texas, USA, and filmed this video on March 29, 2021.

    In the video, Summer is confronting the people who stole her service dog, Marley.

    "Marley went missing for two weeks. A lady had left her phone number at a near by gas station saying she had found a lost dog. When I contacted her she was giving me the run around with lies about where Marley was located. First she said he was in Louisiana then Florida ... Just for law enforcement to confirm Marley was on her property in Texas" said Summer.

    "Law enforcement didn't do anything to retrieve Marley so I took matters into my own hands, I did a reverse look up on whitepages and got her address. I decided to confront her and get my pup back home. She basically decided he was her dog now and wasn't going to give him back ... I had to LITERALLY steal our family dog back" said Summer.

    "It literally was the most insane situation of my life. I like to give credit to my military background for quick thinking to get the son riled up so the mom had to restrain him. So I could run to the other side of their car and get Marley. So thankful the smug lady didn't lock her car" said Summer.
    "Some people would say "why would you tell him to hit you" well I didn't really want him to hit me but it was a chance I was willing to take for my baby. I just wanted the son and mom preoccupied with each other so I could make a break for the car door" said Summer.
    Summer added that Marley is her service animal, as she struggles with PTSD from being in the military.
    "So it was rough being without him, for me and my kids. But we're blessed he's home. He's one of my babies and I would never have given up looking for him" said Summer.
    Date posted: 21/04/21 Credit: ARK Media
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