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    Woman Comes Back To Flat Totally Destroyed By Pigeons!


    Reme Nicole, 20, is a student in Nottingham and London, and filmed this video at the Student Lounge on the 10th of March.

    "Whilst I was away for work in London, Pigeons broke into my uni accommodation in Nottingham, ‘The Student Lodge’ and destroyed the place! Poo’d everywhere from my trainers to the toaster to inside my bed. I came back from London completely devastated. The same thing has happened to multiple people along my corridor and the uni accommodation failed to take any responsibility despite there being a clear pigeon problem with my building!" said Reme.

    "They were rude and dismissive and I was made temporarily homeless whilst I had to fork out the cost for cleaners to clear my room for my own health and safety. Lost so many important items as they had to be thrown out due to the state of the room and was all in all a very distressing week but a month on I’m glad to say that I’m now back in my uni flat despite the dispute with the accommodation not being sorted!" said Reme.


    Date posted: 13/04/21 Credit: ARK Media
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