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    Woman Becomes Best Friends With A Goose!


    Cheryl Allison, 55, is from Dallas, Texas, and filmed these videos in the spring and summer of 2020.

    "I met Honk at a city pond and he immediately attached himself to me. We formed a friendship and I visited him every day. He became so attached he would try to follow me home!" said Cheryl.

    She knew he was a domestic goose and couldn’t fly so figured someone had dumped him. The two formed an unusual bond and soon Cheryl became worried as she found him in the street amongst cars and with a fishing hook in his wing. So Cheryl found a wonderful bird and waterfowl sanctuary for him. She visits him now every week as he’s only 20 mins away.

    "He has friends and is so happy. When I first met Honk I started making videos of our encounters and posting it on social media. He went viral. They were on local news that was picked up nationally and he now has 82,000 followers on Instagram!" said Cheryl.

    Date posted: 13/05/21 Credit: ARK Media
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