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    Woman Argues With Airport Staff Member After They Higher Price Of Fight With No Explanation


    This woman showed her chaotic experience with Flair Air, after her flight was delayed over five hours without notice and a staff member tried to allegedly higher the price of her flight with no explanation. 

    Aniko Farkas was travelling from Calgary to Kelowna, via Flair airlines, when she documented her terrible experience with the airline, as they tried to raise the cost of her ticket despite her flight already being five hours late. 

    According to Aniko, the airline's website was down so when she went to buy her ticket, it wouldn’t let her, so she captured a screenshot the price of the flight that she was quoted. 

    However, as she went to pay for the ticket, the staff member disagreed with her price and upped the price to roughly $120, after he originally quoted her $49. 

    After she disagrees to pay this, the man can be heard speaking to his colleague about her and she caught the other staff member getting frustrated at him for allegedly getting it wrong. 

    Aniko and the staff member continued to have a heated exchange, where the staff member was insistent she paid and told her she was ‘holding the line up’ and to ‘enjoy and be happy’, which only upset Aniko more. 

    Eventually after much deliberation and after having other families share their experience with her, the staff member agreed to charge her $50 and Aniko agreed. 

    Aniko said: “I was trying to be respectful but assertive, I just wanted to get home.

    “Their website has various prices and given what I had, he should have charged me $40-something and somehow told me my total was $120.

    “I remained calm and professional the whole time. He didn’t make the problems occur, but he wasn’t helpful, problem solving, nor did he care.”

    ARK Media has reached out to Flair Airlines for a comment. 

    Date posted: 17/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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