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    Wolverine Returns: X-men Fanatic Has An Incredible On-Stage Interaction With Hugh Jackman


    Tony Dimes and his wife Heather Incandela from New York had managed to secure themselves front row tickets to see ‘Music Man’ on Broadway.

    The musical was starring the legendary Australian actor Hugh Jackman.

    Jackman famously played the character of Logan A.K.A The Wolverine in the immensely popular ‘X-men’ franchise from its first film in 2000 all the way to the character's farewell in 2017’s ‘Logan’.

    Tony being a fan not only of the X-men but of Jackman himself brought giant foam Wolverine Claws with him to the show at the Winter Garden Theatre, NY.

    It was Tony's hope that Jackman would acknowledge it during the curtain call.

    Tony’s dream became a reality as not only did Jackman acknowledge the claws but goes one step further.

    Taking the claws from Tony and wearing it on stage Jackman proceeds to pull the classic Wolverine pose in character.

    The simple act prompted an eruption of applause and cheers from the delighted audience.

    Tony’s wife Heather caught the whole amazing exchange on camera and the incredible video was later shared by Hugh Jackman himself on his Instagram page to the delight of his millions of followers.

    Heather recalled the nights events saying: We couldn’t believe it. It made the entire audience go nuts.

    "We were so excited and thrilled and pretty proud of ourselves for our idea to bring the claws.

    “Hugh posted it himself! Which was such an incredible shock. He posted it to Twitter and Instagram after Anthony tagged him.

    “ He’s such a class act and everyone who has seen it has just loved it. He is Wolverine!

    “It cuts off at the end as I got yelled at by security. When he says “I am…” the end of the sentence was, “Wolverine”



    Date posted: 21/04/22 Credit: @tonyinc10 Via Ark Media
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