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    Wild Polar Bears in the Tundra of Northern Canada

    Michael Downie, 33, is a content creator from Vancouver, British Columbia, and filmed his visit to see Polar Bears between October 28 to 30th 2020!
    "The town of Churchill, Manitoba is on the migratory path of the Canadian Polar Bear, as this is where the ice builds first, so they can get back out and hunting" said Michael.
    "One video shows conservation officers trying to scare a bear out of town by shooting their guns and chasing them with trucks, thus keeping civilians safe, as Polar Bears will attack and eat humans" added Michael.
    "The next video shows an incredible wedding proposal in front of a napping polar bear" said Michael.
    "Another clip shows a tour on a Polar Rover (a specially built arctic cruising machine) that takes tourists out into a Protected Wildlife Area to get up close with these huge and impressive polar bears, including 2 curious bears leaning up against the vehicle, and seeing twin cubs" said Michael.
    Date posted: 25/02/21 Credit: ARK Media
    Restrictions: No Restrictions