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    Why Did The Emu Cross The Road? Unlucky Critter Trips And Falls In The Middle Of The Road


    This unfortunate emu was rushing to get across the road but in its haste, it tripped over and face-planted the tarmac.

    Wildlife guide from South Australia, Patrick Fitzgerald was riding his bike home when a flurry of emu's raced across the road so he grabbed his phone and began to capture the action.

    One racing long-legged bird got caught in a twist and fell face first with a plume of feathers flying in the air.

    Patrick said: "I was riding my bike home from work when I noticed a mob of emus crossing the road in front of me, so I started filming.

    "The very last emu to cross the road slipped and fell over. It got right back up and continued running."



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    Date posted: 21/11/22 Credit: patrick, fitzgerald, emu, fall, fail, funny, trip, leg, feather, bird, australia, hilarious, hurt, animal, wild, wildlife, road, bush, outback, shocking, fails, falling, mob, running, run, hilarious,
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