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    White-winged Porpoise Cub Rescued at Svobodny Cape


    A baby white-winged porpoise got entangled in a fishing net and was doomed to die, if not for a lucky spot by a few fishermen.

    Vadim Salikhov, Mikhail Saburov and Yegor Shkel - went to Cape Svobodny to spend time at sea and go fishing, when they saw something strange in the water.

    “When we sailed away from the shore in a motor boat, we saw a net in the water, and in it, like, a log,” said Yegor Shkel.

    Upon further inspection, and there is a dolphin about a meter and a half long, tangled in the fishing net.

    "We were in a hurry, worried that the baby would suffocate, his head was in the water" said Yegor.  "Then I had to accompany him, drive him away from the net. So as not to get confused in it again."

    The white-winged porpoise is a local resident of Sakhalin, but Porpoises do not have such a strong parental attachment to their young as, say, killer whales, which explains why the calf may have been alone.

    The rescue was a successful one, as the calf swims into the distance.


    Date posted: 24/11/21 Credit: ARK Media
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