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    Welcome To London: Older Couple Prove Their ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ Whilst Dancing To Shakira


    TikTokers are hailing this as 'London in a video', as the viewer's eye is pulled between an older couple singing along to 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira, whilst a man does interpretive dancing in the foreground.

    Charing Cross station in London is a hub of strange activity, as captured by Tamara Deidier, 25-year-old actuary, on 3 September.

    The carefree couple sang along to the sweet melodies of Shakira at 10:30pm on a speaker, encouraged by onlookers and an ethereal dancing man who seemed to be enjoying their karaoke.

    Tamara said: "It seems to be a husband and wife who have brought their own sound system.

    "They played and sang songs with another man who is notorious for dancing around central London with them.

    "It was really funny and everyone was in good spirits, people have just adored the madness and want to go and join in."


    Date posted: 07/09/22 Credit: @tamaracarmela via ARK Media
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