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    Wasp Swarm Infests Traffic Light Causing Quite The Buzz During Manchester Heatwave


    Emily Brewster, 27, got the fright of her life whilst waiting by the traffic lights on Market Street, Manchester, when she was affronted with a swarming group of wasps which had taken over the pelican crossing.

    The social media presenter is terrified of wasps and said the incident made her anxious enough that she cut her shopping trip short - much to the amusement of her onlooking fiancée who accompanied her to the shops on 10 July.

    Emily said: "I was in a rush whilst shopping and the traffic was coming from all angles.

    "I went to press the button so I could wait to cross and almost got stung as an angry wasp darted for my bare arm."

    Other shoppers stopped to look at the strange formation; astounded to see such a large volume of wasps on the small sign.

    She continued: "I hope this heatwave ends soon, this wasp phenomenon I saw is just plain weird."


    Date posted: 13/07/22 Credit: Emily Brewster via ARK Media
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