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    Wash Your Greens: Homemaker Washes Kale In Washing Machine


    Ashley Echols has tried out a new and more efficient way of washing your vegetables before consuming or storing them - by throwing them in the washing machine.

    37 year old homemaker Ashley, from Arkansas, wanted to test the method and saw the perfect opportunity with her garden kale.

    She selected a cool, gentle wash and hit go and watched on as her green vegetables spun around, and successfully collected the contents to freeze and use at a later date.

    Since Ashley posted the clip, it has received widespread engagement from people who are wowed and disgusted by the newly tried and tested procedure.

    Ashley said: "I was excited to see how it would turn out and the kale got good and clean.

    "Lots of people replied with repulsive negative comments about how gross it is and some said they were amazed at the idea and said it was done by older generations."


    Date posted: 30/06/22 Credit: ashleyechols777 via ARK Media
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