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    Veterinarian Pulls Off Life-Saving Procedure When Dog Starts Choking on Tennis Ball


    This doberman was brought to a veterinary clinic in Huntington, Long Island, New York with a tennis ball lodged in it's throat but fast-moving vets we able to remove it with impeccable technique.

    Vet assistant, Jordy Oriantal was on hand to capture the life-saving procedure on October 17th as one doctor was on top of the dog trying to manoeuvre the ball out of the throat whilst the other sedated and held the beloved pet.

    One swift motion along the throat pushed the obstacle and doctor was able to grab the ball before breathing a huge sigh of relief whilst the onlookers applauded.

    The dog was kept in the hospital for a few days but left healthy and happy whilst over 16 million viewers on TikTok were shocked and astounded at the life-saving procedure.

    Jordy said: "I was amazed at my hospitals team work jumping straight into action, every person doing their role to save this dog."


    Date posted: 21/10/21 Credit: ARK Media
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