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    Vengeful Girlfriend Tips Cheating Boyfriend’s Suitcase Into Pool



    A scorned girlfriend was caught emptying her boyfriend's belongings into a pool after finding out he was cheating on holiday.

    Chelsi Carver, 21, a nursing assistant from Leeds, witnessed the shocking moment while enjoying a day in the sun in Hurghada, Egypt on 11 May.

    She said that the woman found out her partner was cheating on her in Ibiza the week before they came to Egypt, and so she emptied his suitcase, clothes and passport into the swimming pool of their hotel.

    The viral video has thousands of comments in support of the woman getting her own back.

    Chelsi said: "It was hilarious.

    "A man cheated on his girlfriend in Ibiza a day before they went to Egypt and she found out and did that.

    "I thought it showed girl power and the video has gone completely viral."


    Date posted: 13/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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