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    Twin Sisters Ask Stepmum To Legally Adopt Them On Mother’s Day


    This was the sweet moment twin sisters asked their step-mum to adopt them.

    Gabriella and Julianna Ruvolo, 20, from Middletown, New Jersey, gave their step-mum Rebecca, 37, the gift of a lifetime on Mother's Day when they asked her to adopt them so their family could be complete.

    In the video Rebecca is reading a book about their relationship when the last page reads 'Mom, will you adopt us?'.

    Rebecca said: "They made a photo book of them and me over the years and then at the end wrote a beautiful letter to me. The last line in the letter said, 'we have one thing to ask you..' and when I turned the page it was a photo of the three of us and on top, it said 'Mom, will you adopt us?'"

    Rebecca instantly started crying and the twins hugged her and asked 'was that a yes'.

    They then produce the adoption papers announcing that they have already signed them so just Rebecca needs to sign it.

    Their father Pete, 50, who has two sons with Rebecca, was filming the video and said: "I had a feeling of overwhelming pride and happiness knowing how much this meant to my wife and girls, it was just an overflow of love."

    Rebecca explained: "Since the day I met these girls 12 years ago, we had an undeniable natural connection to each other and I have always looked at them as mine. Through the years our bond has just become so strong and I would do anything for them, I will always have their back and be their biggest cheerleader through life.

    "The fact that these young adults have asked me to legally adopt them now all on their own means the world to me, it's such an honour."

    The overall reaction on TikTok is one of love, support and well wishes.

    Rebecca continued, "The fact that this video has gone viral and so many strangers across the world have sent beautiful comments, messages, it’s been overwhelming and so special."


    Date posted: 13/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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