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    Tortoise Needs Anger Management Classes After Showing Utter Disdain For Owner’s Shoes


    Tommy Shellby, the tortoise, has some issues with black coloured footwear as he goes out of his way to head butt his owners feet and shoes when donned in darker colours.

    Harry Vines, 24, set up a few experiments at his garden in Cambridgeshire, with white and black socks and shoes on a couple of occasions.

    With a white sock on one foot and a black sock on the other, Tommy approached him and directly walked over to the black sock and began charging at Harry's foot.

    In another clip, Tommy was surrounded by white shoes but quickly scurried past them and headed toward the black shoe, beginning his assault on the offensive coloured shoe.

    Finally, a white shoe with a black soul was presented to Tommy and the attack began but when the shoe was flipped onto the correct side the head butting ceased.

    Tommy's anger problems have been broadcasted on TikTok to the reception of over 10 million views.

    Harry said: "Tommy attacks any objects that enters his garden and he hates shoes.

    "Tommy needs anger management."


    Date posted: 11/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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