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    Tiger Poops Directly On Top Of Zoo Goers In Unique Enclosure Design


    This unique enclosure design is meant to provide zoo visitors with a cool ways to view the animals but this tiger decided to go to the toilet whilst directly on top of the viewers.

    Shona Gillespie was at Edinburgh zoo in September 2022 with her family, including her five-year-old daughter, when they saw the tiger enclosure and wanted to get a closer look.

    The walkway was designed in such a way that visitors could walk through the enclosure as the tigers could relax on a window directly above the guests.

    But at this time one tiger need to go to toilet and just so happened to pick a spot directly above Shona and her daughter, and proceeded to poo on top of them whilst looking the beast directly in the eye.

    Shona said: "Initially I was in awe of the tiger and thought myself lucky to be so close, looking directly into the tigers eyes as it stood above me.

    "Then utterly shocked as it pooped, it was hysterical."


    Date posted: 27/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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