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    Tears Run When Boy Receives Dream Birthday Present Whilst Younger Brother Weeps Tears Of Joy For Him


    On this lad's 10th birthday, the present he received filled him with such joy that he cried, but not only him, his younger brother was so happy for him that he also wept and embraced him.

    Mother, Lauren Young, of birthday boy, Kamden Young and six-year-old Kole Young, were gathered at home in Torrington, Connecticut on September 1st, when Kamden unwrapped his steering wheel present he had been wishing for.

    The realisation hit Kamden about the new gift he had come into possession of and instantly ran to his parents to hug and thank them whilst shedding some tears.

    Lauren captured the moment and realised her younger son Kole was looking slightly overwhelmed and began to cry tears of happiness for his older brother, to which Kamden lovingly hugged him.

    Their father, Kyle, asks 'What's going on in this house right now?' and Kole blubbers, 'I have no idea' whilst wiping the tears away.

    Lauren said: "I was not expecting him to have such a strong reaction to the present, then I was really surprised when his little brother began to cry happy tears for him!

    "Part of me was very surprised that he had such a strong reaction to his gift but part of me was also not super surprised that his little brother became emotional over it.

    "His little brother is extremely sweet and very heartfelt in everything that he does.

    "They have a typical brother relationship where they can bicker and fight but we have lots of times like this also where they are just genuinely happy and supportive of each other and it always makes me feel so proud of them when they get caught up in the moment and show their true emotions."


    Date posted: 15/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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