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    Tear Jerking Video Shows Man With Dementia Speaking To Daughter Like A Stranger


    A daughter captured the tear jerking moment her father with dementia spoke to her about the family like she was a stranger. 

    29-year-old Bailey Kitchen from Greensboro, North Carolina, is a full time caregiver for her parents and captures the interactions she has with them. 

    Her father, 58-year-old Scott, was diagnosed with early onset dementia in January of 2022 and has slowly been losing his memory day by day. 

    Bailey captured a conversation she had with her father, where she asks him questions about her family and he speaks fondly of both her mother and his daughters. 

    Unfortunately Scott was unaware that he was speaking to Bailey and his memory led him to believe he was talking to a stranger. 

    The gut wrenching video has since gone viral online with over 7.3 million views and many offering their sympathy to Bailey at the tough situation she is in. 

    Bailey said: “It was heartbreaking that my dad didn’t remember me and was describing his children to me, not knowing that I am one of them.

    “But it made me happy how he spoke about me and my sister.”


    Date posted: 24/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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