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    Student Shows Off Fool Proof Epic Bowling Strikes


    20-year-old Charles Wilken is a world-class bowler who competes nationally and knows all the tricks to get a perfect strike.

    The student from South Carolina attends University of the Cumberlands and loves sharing his bowling skills on social media.

    His video filmed on 17 June, showing him throwing the ball and hitting the perfect strike, made waves online and wracked up two million views on TikTok.

    The bowling star said: "One trick I use is to turn my body in a certain way in order to get a good trajectory of where I should throw the ball, making a 15-pound-ball feel like a feather to have control."

    Charles said that he always feels 'calm and focused', which helps him to know what the outcome will be when the ball leaves his hand.





    Date posted: 30/06/22 Credit: Charles Wilken via ARK Media
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