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    Student Cons Scammer Into Giving Away Own Details


    A student decided to turn the tables on a scammer and con him out of details after they pretended to be his professor. 

    Biology student Ilya Carey, 22, is currently studying at the University of Cambridge and when he got an email from a scammer pretending to be his professor, he decided to get his own back. 

    The ‘professor’ emailed Ilya asking for him to email him back but the quick thinking student noticed something wrong with the email address. 

    Playing up to them, Ilya asked the scammer for scientific help for his thesis and the fake professor began to answer before quickly asking for a gift card instead. 

    Ilya obliges and sent the scammer a Google Docs link which he states has the gift cards in but when the link is opened, it grabs the users computer details using a website called Grabify. 

    Quickly Ilya learned the scammer was in Lagos, Nigeria and before long they were requesting access to the Google Doc, which is how he learnt of their name. 

    Ilya said: “ I show how a scammer was impersonating a professor from my department at Cambridge and how I got their IP address and physical location before they gave their real email address and name. 

    “I interacted with the scammer three days before my masters dissertation deadline, and I was essentially procrastinating by messing with them.

    “The scientific question which I asked him was something that I was genuinely struggling with, and it is the kind of question that the professor which the scammer was impersonating might have been able to answer.

    “Most people online have congratulated me for doing this and a few people were hoping that the scammer would answer my scientific questions.” 


    Date posted: 16/09/22 Credit: @ilyacambridge via ARK Media
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