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    Strangers Come To Struggling Mum’s Aid To Raise £3000 During Cost Of Living Crisis


    Mum of three Hannah Harper shared her experience of choosing to spend her final pennies on electricity or gas, as she began to feel the pressure of the energy price hike.

    But after posting a video to social media, many commenters suggested to create a GoFundMe, which is still receiving donations and is close to surpassing £3000.

    A tear-ridden Hannah talked about the crippling decision to heat her home or pay to keep the lights and cooker on in her house on November 22, in her home in Warboys, Cambridgeshire.

    Hannah works as a barmaid on a zero hours contract whilst husband, Richard, is a production assistant but continue to struggle to feed all five members of the family.

    Hannah's spent her final £10 on electricity for her working husband and three children as she tells her followers that there is no food in the cupboards as the cost of her food shop and energy bills have doubled.

    The shining light came as viewers began to donate to help her cause and as of the 23rd November the figure is nearly touching £3000 for Hannah and her family.

    She has since taken to social media to thank the many that have donated to help alleviate the stress of making an almost impossible decision during the winter months.

    Hannah said: "My thoughts when recording weren’t good at all, I was ready to give up.

    "Then seeing the reactions from random people just warmed my heart and made me realise that there is still kindness in this world.

    "I want people to know that I did not do this video with the expectation of it going viral or getting free gifts or getting money.

    "I made this video whilst I was at an all time low as I thought filming it in that pure, raw moment was the best way I could get the message out there that this is how people are living right now, this is how people are feeling right now.

    "I wasn’t expecting the response I got at all and like I said I certainly did not do this video for any kind of financial gain.

    "The GoFundMe will not only help me and my family this Christmas but I am hoping I can now pay it forward and help others. This is way more than what I was expecting and it just goes to show that there is still genuinely kind people in this world."

    More information about Hannah's story can be found on her GoFundMe page: https://gofund.me/d3a85bb5


    Date posted: 23/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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