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    Store Clerk Mistakes Silicone Art Doll For Real Baby


    A store clerk was shocked to find out that what she believed to be a real baby, was in fact a silicone reborn doll. 

    Reborn doll collector Christina Keeler, 38, went shopping in Texas with her two daughters and a two-week-old silicone doll called Sophia, when her five-year-old daughter Grace wanted to buy a dress.

    They entered the store and the employee immediately fell in love with Sophia and began asking questions about her. 

    However, when Christina revealed she was a silicone doll, the woman was taken aback and couldn’t believe how realistic she looked. 

    Christina said: “Grace was “window shopping” and fell in love with a dress, so us girls went inside and the store clerk fell in love with my newborn baby girl Sophia.

    “We got quite the reaction from the store clerk regarding the fake baby. She couldn’t believe the baby wasn’t real!

    “I loved how shocked and positive everyone was and they all laughed and smiled.”

    Date posted: 17/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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