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    Sloth Bear Chases Tiger Away From Watering Hole


    A wildlife photographer captured the incredible moment a sloth bear chased away a tiger near a watering hole in Kabini.

    Arvind Karthik, 31, was on a safari drive watching a tigress resting by a private pool, when it heard something rustling from the bushes behind. 

    As the tigress approached the bush, they noticed a sloth bear slowly revealing itself before walking towards the big cat. 

    It began bearing its claws and stood up aggressively before beginning to charge at the unsuspecting tiger. 

    Not wanting to engage, the tigress ran away into the thickets with the bear slowing its pace in tow.

    Arvind said: “I was enjoying the sighting of my favourite tigress resting in her private pool, when all of a sudden she gets up and looks curiously into the bushes. We could sense something unusual was happening. 

    “The bear charged towards the tigress for an attack and the smart tigress had no intentions for a fight and avoided the bear smartly.

    “It was an incredible sighting which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

    “Kabini never disappoints”


    Date posted: 05/12/22 Credit: ARK Media
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