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    Sleeping Dog Takes Tumble Off Couch Whilst Dreaming


    This sleepy dog was woken with a surprise as it fell off the couch mid-snore. 

    Bob Carrick, 47, was at home in Brooklyn, New York on November 6, when he noticed his two-year-old rescue pitbull mix, Beans, fast asleep on the sofa. 

    He noticed how much Beans was snoring and wanted to capture it on camera but wasn’t prepared for what happened next. 

    The sleepy pooch was enjoying his sleep so much, he went tumbling off the sofa head first and Bob captured it all. 

    Bob said: “We rescued Beans two months ago after he was abused and found tied to a bench. 

    “I saw him sleeping and snoring loudly in a weird way so I went to capture it when I realised he’d slipped off the couch. 

    “I thought it was hilarious but cute and I couldn’t believe I’d captured it on camera.” 


    Date posted: 18/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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