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    Skydiver Takes A Chilled Jump


    Freddy Chase cooly and calmly dispatched this BASE jump from a hot air balloon with arms folded behind his back as he plummeted towards the earth.


    In Perris, California on September 27th, Freddy dangled from a ledge attached to the balloon which was monumentally high above the ground as he friends watched on with a camera.


    When it was time to let go, Freddy gave a wink to the phone and released himself. 


    He rested the back of his head on his hands as he was cushioned by the rushing air before deploying his chute and landing.


    Freddy said: “It was the best feeling in the world!


    “Out of 350 million views across social media mostly everyone gets scared to watch, but can look away.”

    Date posted: 15/10/21 Credit: ARK Media / @Freddychase
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