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    Seller From Hell Refuses to Deliver The House And Goes On Racist And Abusive Rant!

    Ron Escobar, 51, is a business owner from California, USA. This video was filmed on April 28, 2021.
    "I helped my client buy this house and am going to help her remodel it. The seller was a very disrespectful bully... when I got to the last property to be with my client, I could hear this abuser screaming really loud at my client and I thought he was about to beat her up, so I ran into the property and got in between both of them to protect her" said Ron.
    "I did not let him get close to her anymore... he was a racist abuser who played the victim and made up stories. He walked into me and pushed me, so he can claim I was assaulting him. I did not move because my client was behind me and I did not want to let him close to her. He calls the cops and then when they got there he was disrespectful to them. He has absolutely no right to be in the property as it is not his property, My client also bought all the furniture because he was using the property as an Airbnb rental and was furnished" said Ron.
    "My client did not want to press charges against him, so the police could not arrest him for trespassing. When he left, we changed the keys of the property... he came back a day after and broke into the property and change the locks again!" said Ron.
    "My client has a restraining order against him and she is setting up an alarm and security services for the property. In my opinion, she should have pressed charges when she had the chance. Now things are worse and this abusive asshole is emboldened. Notice how he was using racist pejorative name-calling against me, and at the same time claiming I used language I never used. He contradicts himself several times and is loud as hell" said Ron.
    "I was not intimidated by him at all. I actually felt sorry for such a nasty person. I was half a second away from knocking him out a second time when he got on my face and was calling me names. I am glad I was able to control my emotions and disciplined not to punch him, even though I had every legal right to do so. I am also glad the cops were restrained and polite. If these were different times or places, he could have been killed. My buyer is still dealing with this bully SOB and he lives just half a block away from the property!" said Ron.
    Date posted: 14/09/21 Credit: ARK Media
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