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    18 Year Old Gives Packages To The Homeless!


    Lauren Nicole Morris, 18, filmed this video in December 2019 in Liverpool city centre.

    "Everyday on the way to dance I would see homeless people so me and my family thought we would treat as many of the homeless as possible as it was a cold winter night, just a few days before Christmas so they deserved a little extra happiness, in the video me and my mum went shopping to purchase items for care packages/ Christmas presents for the homeless near where we live, I then came home and packaged them all and then we went and passed them out to the homeless!" said Lauren.

    "I had always wanted to make a YouTube channel to share my passions eg fashion however in the future I’m hoping to create more content that brings value like this video as I received such an amazing response from it" said Lauren.

    "Me and my family would have loved to do it for Christmas 2020 however we didn’t want to risk the lives of people due to the pandemic, as soon as it is safer we will definitely be doing this regularly!" said Lauren.

    "Peoples reactions were so heartwarming, they were just so grateful and happy! I think they appreciated the fact we got them some thoughtful things in the gift bags as well as essentials!" said Lauren/

    "As we were passing out the gifts , people in cars seen us and were stopping and saying how thoughtful we were which was very kind of them. Another thing was that out of everything we included ( snacks, drinks, hand sanitiser etc...) the most common thing to be looked at first was the puzzle books!" said Lauren.

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    Date posted: 01/03/21 Credit: ARK Media
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