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    Seal And Dog Unlikely Friends As They Play Fetch Together At Beach


    An adorable friendship between a wild seal and a dog blossomed as the duo played fetch together at the beach. 

    Surf photographer Dave “Nelly” Nelson was walking his pet dog, Mokuleia, on the beach in Santa Cruz, California, when the seal nicknamed Sammy came out to play on August 12. 

    As Dave was playing fetch with Mokuleia, Sammy decided he wanted to join in and began chasing after the ball too. 

    The pair of unlikely friends then happily played fetch with each other up and down the beach, much to Dave’s amazement. 

    Dave said: “A friendly seal had been following us up and down the beach for a couple days. 

    “But on that day, he came all the way in and my dog Mokuleia waded out in the water and they went nose to nose, I could tell they were saying hi and it was all friendly so I grabbed my camera cause it was amazing. 

    “Then mo came back in and I kept filming as I threw the ball and the seal played fetch w Moe

    “I was amazed and blown away by the whole thing, it's our everyday beach and this is the first time it's happened.” 


    Date posted: 26/10/22 Credit: Dave “Nelly” Nelson via ARK Media
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