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    Scoliosis Warrior Opens Up About Her Mental Battles And How Yoga And Aerial Classes Saved Her


    Bekah Cloud shows that having a curved spine doesn't need to limit your life - despite living with chronic pain.

    The 33-year-old speech pathologist and yoga instructor from Sarasota, Florida, was diagnosed with scoliosis at birth and also suffers from spina bifida, kidney and GI issues, migraines, endometriosis, amongst other conditions.

    Scoliosis is where the spine twists and curves to the side, sometimes affecting sufferers' hips and ribs.

    Bekah has a sunny disposition, especially when she is doing outdoor yoga or is up in the air.

    However, sometimes the pain from her multiple conditions leaves her bed bound.

    Beckah said: "There are days that I cannot get out of bed other than to use the restroom or lay in the shower, it’s a chronic illness hack.

    "My physical health impacts my mental health and my mental health impacts my physical health, there are times I can really spiral."

    Bekah was a dancer from the age of four and as an adult, missed combining strength, flexibility and meditation.

    10 years ago she attended a yoga class with her mum and since then has fallen in love with the practice, even training to become an accredited yoga teacher herself.

    Aerial is the other love in Bekah's life, providing a way for her to feel graceful and take the pressure off her spine.

    She continued: "I loved the way gravity felt on my scoliosis, I ended up taking 30 classes in my first 30 days of trying it."

    Medical trauma played a big part in her mental health struggles. Accompanied by medical anxieties, Bekah received diagnoses of anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, PTSD and addiction.

    She is living proof that 'mental and physical illness like to dance together' and says that she appreciates the online community who enjoy her TikTok content.

    Many other chronic illness sufferers find comfort in her strength and struggles by relating to her story.

    Bekah said: "These are the cards I’ve been dealt and I have no choice but to persevere so I might as well have a good time making silly TikToks and doing pretty yoga while my body is able."


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