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    ‘Sarcastic’ Monkey Hilariously Reacts To Human’s Magic Trick In Viral Video


    This primate showed that he is more than his monkey brain after it hilariously reacted to a man's magic trick in this viral clip.

    Shannon Hiley, 19, and boyfriend Pawel Baron, 22, from Ashford, Kent, went on a trip to Wingham Wildlife Park in March 2022, when Pawel got the idea to show an up-close monkey a special trick through the glass of its enclosure.

    To the couple's surprise, the monkey - who looked unimpressed at first - was completely shocked and visibly gasped, after Pawel made his disposable vape 'disappear' behind his hand.

    Pawel posted the funny video on TikTok in May and the views quickly shot up to one million, but some weren't convinced that the monkey's reaction was genuine and thought it was having them on in return for their cheeky prank.

    Pawel, a sales account manager, said: "We didn't expect to get that reaction from the monkey at all.

    "It's just me being an idiot in the zoo and having a laugh.

    "I was so surprised it did that. It was very funny and just mental.

    "The zoo was so quiet because it was on a Monday so there weren't many people about to see it.

    "We wanted to share it even further brighten everyones day because it was just so hilarious."

    The couple first posted the monkey video between their friends but were egged on to share it with the wider world on TikTok, where it has racked up many views and reactions.

    Shannon, a sales account specialist, added: "We couldn't believe the monkey's reaction. It was crazy.

    "Our friends thought it was so funny we decided to post it on TikTok for others to see and an hour later the views had shot up and it was insane."


    Date posted: 09/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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