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    Reunion: Wedding Bride “I’m late For Church” Reunion After Two Months


    After saving this bride by offering her a ride to the wedding venue, the driver and bridal party have reconnected to catch up on what conspired on the day.

    The video gained went viral and was published on global news outlets so Marksteen Adamson and Anastasia chat and talk all things marriage; How was the wedding? Did she get there on time? How did her husband feel about the viral TikTok and media attention? Where did they go on honeymoon? Why didn’t they book a limo to the wedding?

    In the original video, Marksteen was driving through London for a friends reunion lunch when he stopped at a pedestrian crossing and saw a flustered looking woman in a bridal outfit.

    As Marksteen was capturing the woman crossing the road, she saw him filming and ran over to his Land Rover.

    Explaining that her transport had cancelled on her and she was running late to her own wedding, she asked if he could give her a lift to the church, which Marksteen more than happily agreed to.

    The bride, Anastasia, jumped into the car swiftly followed by her sister Alexandra and their friend Paul.

    The group were all very thankful towards Marksteens generosity at helping them out in their time of need.

    Eventually, they made it to the chapel just in time and were greeted by the vicar before Marksteen parted ways with the bridal party and wished them luck.


    Date posted: 20/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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