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    Rescue of the Ferocious Spectacled Cobra!

    Syed Ikhtiar Kashif, a 24 year old engineer from Mysore, Karnataka, India, captured the terrifying and suspenseful moment a Spectacled Cobra is rescued and relocated from a house in Mysore City this past May.
    The Spectacled Cobra had entered the house and settled down in one of corners of the home.
    The rescuer in the footage, Mohammed Umar Shariff, is a well known conservationist and rescuer in India. He does these types of rescues daily, but it is still heart stopping to watch.
    "The snake was very aggressive and ferocious as you can see, and my friend with almost nine years of experience in rescuing snakes handled this snake very well and with ease. He maintains professionalism throughout his rescue operation, " said Kashif.
    The snake was later relocated back to its suitable habitat. For more videos like this, you can go to his Instagram profile, Serpent Adventures.
    Date posted: 23/09/20 Credit: ARK Media
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