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    ‘Racist’ Male ‘Karen’ Confronts Horse Riders And Gets Involved In Heated Argument


    This angry individual confronted a group of horse riders at the Griffith Observatory, by mentioning their 'Latino privilege'.

    Leslie Silva was on the receiving end of a complaining man on March 5th, who was accusing the horse riders of bringing their animals to the large crowds of people but then brought the race of the riders into the question.

    The footage shows the majority of the crowd in favour of the horse riders, as the man turned towards Leslie and accused her of using her privilege as a latino woman to ride there on horseback as the footage cuts off.

    Leslie said: "My friends and I went trail riding to see the Hollywood sign and afterwards we wanted to go see and take pictures at the observatory but we were unsure if we could head up there with the horses.

    "Luckily the security crew at the bottom of the hill told us we were welcome to go on our horses and directed us there. Once we got up there this man came up to us filming us asking genuine questions which then evolved into harassment and racism/sexism.

    "I started recording because his arguments and accusations were meaningless and pointless, people started shaming him and booing him.

    "I thought that was funny, I was surprised when he began to be racist and I quickly stopped recording because I was filled with anger."

    Date posted: 08/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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