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    Pup Brightens Day Of McDonald’s Employee


    This dog owner went out of her way to visit a McDonald's drive thru with an employee that loves her dog, Wynonna, and just the sight of the pup turned her day around.

    Maceon McCracken was aware of a particular drive thru server in Huntersville, North Carolina, that had a fondness for her Goldenoodle, so she decided to visit and capture their interaction.

    When Maceon pulled up to the restaurant and ordered her biscuit for her pup, she knew that the following moment would be sweet but what the employee revealed made it even more uplifting.

    The server was overjoyed to see Wynonna and handed out her treats with glee, but she also explained that she was having a bad day and that seeing the adorable pup turned it around.

    Maceon also explained that they had made an effort to visit that particular establish because of Wynonna's reaction to this nameless employee.

    The viral video has since garnered over six million views online.

    Maceon said: "Wynonna has a special relationship with an Employee at our local McDonalds.

    "This individual always has the brightest smile on her and absolutely lights up when a customer with a pup comes through her window.

    "She even brings in her own dog treats to pass out.

    "My dog has such a funny reaction when we go through the drive thru so I try to catch it on video to share with friends.

    "I was really emotional at her reaction and thought that it was a good lesson that even the smallest actions, like taking your pet through a drive thru, can change someone’s day."


    Date posted: 28/12/22 Credit: ARK Media
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