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    Amazing Public Park Pathway Clean Up In Warrington


    Stephen Maycock, 25 is a Talent Manager, From Warrington living in London. Stephen has grown up "playing in this park as a kid and a teenager." Over Lockdown Stephen has been staying back with his family and "hated how neglected the local park had become." Adding that "it is my Lockdown mission to give it a spring clean with the help of my family."

    Sankey Valley was "Britain’s first canal, hundreds of years old and was instrumental in the industrial revolution. To think there’s these amazing artworks (mosaics) and landmarks (The Maze) and The Bewsey Old Hall sitting neglected is just crazy."

    In this video Stephen is cleaning the main/only entrance to the surrounding parks and so is a very important entry way. Getting up at 7am to start "a week long project of clearing a muddy pathway left inaccessible after flood damage."

    Unfortunately the pathway flooded again but this time "the council actually recognised our clean up efforts and sent a professional road sweep who cleared the entry way in 10 minutes."

    Mr Maycock has been getting up at 7am most mornings and putting in a few hours everyday with the help of family and friends to restore the area. "We’ve made a massive difference, litter picking 30+ bags, restoring access points, cleaning and pruning 'The Maze' and opening up the gates to this incredible spot steeped in History and spooky folk stories."

    They also intend to campaign for additional bins in the park to keep the place clean and tidy and safe for the abundance of wildlife there. More of Stephen's work can be found on his TikTok- Sankey Valley Park Volunteer 

    This video was filmed on the 18th March 2021 in Warrington, UK

    Date posted: 08/04/21 Credit: ARK Media
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