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    Mum Reveals News She Is Cancer-Free To Daughter With Heart-Warming Reactions


    The moment this mother unveiled to her daughter that her cancer had been treated successfully, had them both in tears.

    Leeanne O'Donoghue planned to reveal the news to her nine-year-old daughter, Eireann, when she got home from school in Belfast.

    On 10th November, Leeanne, 42, showed Eireann a message on a balloon to which she was happy albeit confused.

    It was not until Eireann slowed down and properly read the message 'Mummy is cancer free' on the balloon did her jaw drop and threw her arms around her mother.

    The pair shared a loving embrace as the sobs of happiness began, becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

    Leeanne said: "I was overwhelmed with emotion, as Eireann was such great help to me while I had cancer, she washed me, changed dressing, helped so much with her brother.

    "To give her good news was the best most powerful feeling in the world."


    Date posted: 04/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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